Rihanna and t i dating

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According to the theory it was in 2005, around the time this picture was taken and Rihanna, then 17, released her debut single.

“That home had BEEN broken,” Burgos wrote in the comments of the post. are just friends, she seemed to insinuate that they had sex. “Ain’t nobody gonna be waiting for pussy and waiting to fuck just because I’m getting separated. He’s a boss, and I’m a boss.” Burgos capped off her videos by declaring that she would never be a side chick. Tiny’s frustration with Burgos may come from her desire to reconcile with T. You can read Burgos’ entire comment about the situation and watch her video posts below. started, but by her standards, it had to have been after Tiny filed for divorce.“Karim and I have been together for over a year,” bikini model . “After photos surfaced of Karim and Rihanna in NYC [in early June], I confronted him,” Analicia tells .“He denied everything.” RELATED: See Rihanna's NSFW "B---- Better Have My Money" Music Video “Karim told me to not believe the gossip when I asked him about Rihanna,” says Analicia.

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