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“Katy didn’t care that Taylor was there, she’s above all that,” the second source tells Us.

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Returning to the place where you grew up can be a bit of a mind-bender for anyone, and Swift is no different.

After his appearance at the 2001 South by Southwest Festival, he was signed to Aware Records, and then Columbia Records, which released his first EP, Inside Wants Out.

His following two full-length albums—Room for Squares (2001) and Heavier Things (2003)—did well commercially, achieving multi-platinum status.

"I've been in that cycle before in a relationship and it had kind of reignited the relationship, and there's only so many times you can reignite the relationship or want to or should and sometimes you just need to write it and never send it.

It's just that exercise — that cathartic exercise.""It's like a lesson in self-control.

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    I hardly acknowledged the barman/masseur but am sure I saw a swelling in his trousers, and vowed to return another year.

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    "Olivier has already been through a painful divorce and is simply happy to have a beautiful girlfriend whom he loves.